A Pattern Collection for Blockchain-based Applications

TitleA Pattern Collection for Blockchain-based Applications
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsXu, X., C. Pautasso, L. Zhu, Q. Lu, and I. Weber
Conference Name23rd European Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs (EuroPLoP)
Conference LocationKloster Irrsee, Germany
Keywordsblockchain, patterns

Blockchain is an emerging technology that enables new forms of decentralized software architectures, where distributed components can reach agreements on shared system states without trusting a central integration point. Blockchain provides a shared infrastructure to execute programs, called smart contracts, and to store data. Since blockchains are at an early stage, there is a lack of a systematic and holistic view on designing software systems that use blockchain. We view blockchain as part of a bigger system, which requires patterns of using blockchain in the design of the bigger systems. In this paper, we collect a list of patterns for blockchain-based applications. The pattern collection is categorized into four types, including interaction with external world patterns, data management patterns, security patterns and contract structural patterns. Some patterns are designed specifically based on real-world blockchain-based applications considering the nature of blockchain. Others are variants of existing design patterns applied in the context of blockchain-based applications and smart contracts.

Citation Key2018:blockchain:europlop
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