Workflow Management Systems Benchmarking: Unfulfilled Expectations and Lessons Learned

TitleWorkflow Management Systems Benchmarking: Unfulfilled Expectations and Lessons Learned
Publication TypePoster
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsFerme, V., J. Lenhard, S. Harrer, M. Geiger, and C. Pautasso
Conference Name42nd International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2017)
Place PublishedBuenos Aires, Argentina
KeywordsLessons Learned, Workflow Management Systems

Workflow Management Systems (WfMSs) are a type of middleware that enables the execution of automated business processes. Users rely on WfMSs to construct flexible and easily maintainable software systems. Significant effort has been invested into standardising languages for business processes execution, with standards such as the Web Services Business Process Execution Language 2.0 or the Business Process Model and Notation 2.0.
Standardisation aims at avoiding vendor lock-in and enabling WfMS users to compare different systems. The reality is that, despite standardisation efforts, different independent research initiatives show that objectively comparing WfMSs is still challenging. As a result, WfMS users are likely to discover unfulfilled expectations while evaluating and using these systems. In this work, we discuss the findings of two research initiatives dealing with WfMSs benchmarking, presenting unfulfilled expectations and lessons learned concerning WfMSs' usability, reliability, and portability. Our goal is to provide advice for practitioners implementing or planning to use WfMSs.

Citation Keybenchflow:2017:icse
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