Role of interactive presentation platformASQ in delivering web design course

TitleRole of interactive presentation platformASQ in delivering web design course
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsBratić, B., V. Triglianos, V. Kurbalija, C. Pautasso, and M. Ivanovic
JournalSmart Learning Environments
KeywordsActive learning, ASQ, Interactive presentations, Web design

Contemporary technology enhanced learning together with different innovative learning methodologies are significantly initiating progress in educational ecosystems. Educational systems and tools that invoke active participation of learners are excellent facilitators of modern education. One such system is ASQ. ASQ is an interactive presentation platform that allows teachers to incorporate interactive questions in their presentations. Learners are then answering these questions on site on their digital devices. In that way teachers have immediate feedback from learners, allowing them to adjust course of presentation. In this paper we tried to determine in what extent is ASQ beneficial for learners. For that purpose we conducted analysis on the data collected from Web Design course, where ASQ was utilized during two school years. Results of the analysis suggest that ASQ has a positive influence on learners’ acquired knowledge.

Citation Key2020:asq:sle
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